Hi, We're the Woof Gang.


About Us


It's a simple story, really: girl adopts her first rescue dog, is blown away by what an amazing and gentle animal he is, and realizes if the rescue he came from hadn't saved him, he would have likely been put to sleep in an overcrowded shelter, never given a chance. This motivates her to volunteer for a rescue, where she falls in love with 7054 more dogs, has her heart broken 47 times, and meets a bunch of like-minded, big-hearted girls doing the same damn thing. Giving up weekends and evenings to clean up pee, meet adopters, and coax scared, dirty dogs from crates to convince them it's all love from here. 

So with a small group of experienced, excited volunteers, we've formed a gang, picked our color, and we're out here to save more dogs. Dogs like Mikey, who spent his whole life being the best doggo, to show his gratitude for being rescued. He always looked great in purple.