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Maya is an 8-year-old chihuahua/Jack Russell mix female who is full grown at a petite 10-12 lbs. She was surrendered from a home with an elderly owner who could no longer care for her due to health issues. 

Maya is friendly and affectionate, and she gets along well with other small dogs, but big dogs make her nervous. She also gets along with cats. Maya does have some sassy chihuahua attitude and she guards her food so she should be fed separately from other dogs and we would prefer a home without kids for her.

Maya is spayed and will have her vaccines updated so she is ready for her final home.


Jax is a 7/8-month-old terrier/lab mix boy who we scooped from an eastern CT pound. He is already about 45 lbs so he is going to be a large dog when he’s full grown. He is a gorgeous brindle, and already neutered - we will have his vaccines updated and get him microchipped and then he’s ready for a forever home!

He gets along great with the other dogs we’ve introduced him to, he is ok with the cats in his foster home, and he would be fine with older children (10+). He is a playful strong puppy who is working on crate training and housebreaking and will need adopters committed to continuing his training.


Howie is a sweet and shy 9-month-old shepherd/hound mix boy who came to us after being bounced around to too many homes in his short life. Their litter was rescued in TX and brought north with no plan and we agreed to help him. He is extremely timid and fearful with new people - but he loves other dogs and gains confidence from them, so we REQUIRE THAT HE GOES TO A HOME WITH AT LEAST ONE OTHER WELL-ADJUSTED DOG to help give him comfort. Howie is completely vetted - neutered, vaccinated and microchipped - and he is working on house training and crate training in his foster home. He needs a home with very patient adopters who will continue training him since he is still a baby, and he must go a home with another confident dog. ***Children overwhelm him so older kids (12+) or adult only home please.***


Diesel is a 9-year-old labrador/pit mix male who is full grown at 90 lbs. He is a sweet and well-mannered big boy who came to us after he was surrendered from a home where his mama loved him very much but she had to give him up to keep him safe from violence.

Diesel is friendly with other dogs, he is hosebroken and doesnt need a crate. He is also allegedly friendly with cats. He would be fine with respectful kids. He can be a little shy with new men but is a sweet dog.

Diesel is neutered, we will just update his shots and then he is ready to be adopted into a loving retirement home.


Bailey is yet another handsome, skinny 2-year-old male, a labrador retriever mix who came to us as an owner surrender. He has been underfed and his ears have inexplicably been cropped, but he bears no grudge and is an energetic playful puppyish boy!  Yeti is friendly with people and other dogs, but he is just too much energy for small dogs so he should live with other sturdy dogs nearer his size. No experience with cats and kids should be bigger (10+) so they aren't bowled over, as Bailey likes to jump and can be mouthy - he needs some manners training.

Bailey has house training manners and is working on crate training and commands. Bailey is neutered and vaccinated so he can spend New Years with a forever family.


Kirin is a 3.5-month-old pit bull terrier baby girl with the sweetest face. She will be a medium-to-large dog when she’s full grown (45-60ish lbs). She is a typical playful puppy - very bitey and jumpy and silly, and she will need training in her new home. She is working on housebreaking and crate training but is still just a baby.

She gets along great with other dogs and wants to play nonstop so any dog siblings should tolerate/enjoy that, & we think she would be ok if she is raised with a cat-savvy dog. She would be fine with older kids but may be too bitey/rough for very small ones.

Kirin is already spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. If you are committed to fully training a puppy so she grows up to be her best self, Kirin is ready!

Beba & Cheeky 

Beba and Cheeky are a pair of married chihuahuas - Beba the female is 8, and Cheeky the male is 7. They are bonded and experience anxiety without each other so they must be adopted together. Beba is being seen by a specialist in early December for a neck injurt we suspect is a herniated disc that causes her pain, and Cheeky is in general good health but has a heart murmur and needs to lose some weight. This lovable duo was surrendered to us because their owner could not afford their care. They are affectionate and playful with each other, and they get along fine with other small dogs. Because of their age and health we would like them to go to an adult home.

Both dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on their vaccines. There is a discount on the adoption fee for a senior bonded pair.



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